30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Following the success of the 14 Day Juice challenge, we decided to create a smoothie challenge. We knew this would have a larger audience, as more people have a smoothie blender in their home than a juicer.

The app includes a 30 day plan, where you consume a smoothie each day. It also includes 120 green smoothie recipes, each with a beautiful picture along with health benefits description.

The shopping list feature helps the customer find what they need to make their smoothies.

Working alongside Young and Raw we created the app and then a launch strategy that would leverage their large following on Facebook.

The launch was a huge success and the app was immediately propelled to the number 1 spot in the Food and Drink category in the US. It was a proud moment to see 3 of our apps occupying the Top 8 spots.


With such momentum around the launch, Apple reached out to feature the app and requested the necessary assets.


The result was a huge banner featuring one of our green smoothies. This drove an enormous number of downloads and became our best selling app to date.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 08.37.20The app continues to receive very positive reviews, with a small selection shown below.


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