Following the success of the FitMenCook app, we started seeing a lot of support queries coming in asking for additional functionality for the meal planner. We decided to investigate further and surveyed the audience receiving over 4,000 responses.

The most interesting response came when we asked:

What do you find most challenging – eating healthy or working out?

The overwhelming response was that eating healthy remains a bigger challenge for people wanting to reach their fitness goals. This makes sense – working out is 4-5 hours a week commitment, whereas eating healthy is a challenge 4-5 times a day.

We started working on a solution. We knew people are busy, they often eat out and many want to cook with their partners.

The new MealPrepPro app takes this in to account and provides users with a healthy weekly meal plan, customized to their calories and macros. The plans are designed to be prepped and ready in under two hours. Users can also add their partners to their plan.kevin flexing with mealpreppro

The app was well received and featured under “New Apps We Love” by Apple. Following the initial success we’re now listening to feedback and planning future updates to MealPrepPro.

We shared a little more about building the app in a short video and post on You can also find out more at