Lead Recipe Writer for MealPrepPro

We’re working to make healthy eating easy.

Two years ago we launched our app MealPrepPro.

The app gives users a healthy weekly meal plan customised to their calories, goals and preferences.

At the heart of MealPrepPro is the idea of meal prep. Normally, when you make a decision to eat healthy, you have to keep making that decision four to fives times a day. MealPrepPro encourages you to prepare food for the next few days ahead. So when you’re hungry, you have a healthy meal ready to go, making it easier to stay on track.

In the past 2 years the app has grown at breakneck speed. On day 1 we had 104 recipes. Now, two years later, we have over 900 recipes along with plans for vegetarians, pescatarians, keto and plant-based diets.

Through a combination of analytics, along with feedback from customers we’ve learned which recipes our users love. We know that it’s hard to line all the elements up and achieve healthy, recipes that are:

  1. Delicious
  2. Practical – using everyday ingredients and kitchen equipment.
  3. Realistic – so you can be in and out the kitchen.
  4. Easy to follow – with a few, well thought out and clearly explained steps.
  5. Meal prep friendly – they can be prepared in larger quantities and will keep refrigerated for a couple of days.

Aside from delivering amazing recipes, MealPrepPro also offers a highly personalised plan. The app takes in to account a users lifestyle, preferences and priorities.

For example, a user who loves the gym and has specific macros in mind, will need a different plan to someone who’s main priorities are budget, variety and a balanced diet.

In 2020 we are launching new recipes, new plans and bringing more personalisation.

That’s where you come in!

About the job and the work

The magic in the role is in developing a sense of the kind of recipes that will be a big hit with our audience. Everyday users don’t have an enormous pantry, a limitless budget and the knife skills of a trained chef. They’re short on time and want to eat delicious meals, without spending hours in the kitchen.

The three main parts of the role are developing, writing and testing new recipes.

This means lots of time in the kitchen, testing and improving. Working to bring incredible flavour to healthy meals our users will love.

Once a recipe is perfected in the kitchen, you’ll write mouth-watering recipe introductions and a set of steps that are easy to follow.

The kind of recipes you’ll write will depend on the plan.

For example, if you’re writing a recipe for the Mediterranean plan, you may write a healthy version of a lasagna, keeping a close eye on the number of ingredients and steps.

If you’re writing a recipe for our high protein plans, you’ll need to create a simple, delicious dish with a handful of ingredients that fits specific macronutrients goals.

Testing and improving recipes means thinking of questions such as:

Is this recipe meal prep friendly? Are the ingredients affordable? Is this an instruction that will be understood by customers in the US as well as the UK? Is there a way I can make this recipe easier to follow?

Once a recipe is ready, you’ll create a brief for the photographers. You’ll work alongside them to review the photography and making sure the images fit the style we’re looking for.

You’ll then input recipes in to our database and coordinate with marketing to promote our new content to existing and new customers.

To help make healthy eating easy, we collect feedback from customers on the recipes inside the app. You will use this feedback to guide new content and refine existing recipes.

About you

You know that healthy isn’t one size fits all. You want to help people discover a healthy lifestyle that works for them.

You know your way around a kitchen. You love healthy food. You love experimenting and combining different flavours. Food gets you excited and animated.

You’re organised, detail oriented and creative. You’ve written recipes before. You have an understanding of nutrition.

You care about helping customers eat healthy through easy to follow meals.

You want to constantly learn. About nutrition, about making healthy eating easy, about what recipes people love. You want to keep improving what you’re doing.

You want to work in a small team where it’s clear what’s expected of you and you’re trusted to deliver.


MealPrepPro offers a range of meal plans and you’ll need to be comfortable testing a range of ingredients including meat, fish etc.

You will need a well equipped kitchen for recipe testing. You’ll be reimbursed for ingredient expenses.

Pay and location

This is a remote job. You will be on a full time contract. Pay is based on experience.

We invite applicants from the East Coast of US and Canada. We also welcome applicants from UK and Ireland. This is because the majority of our users are based in the US and UK. Also, we’re looking to achieve enough time zone overlap with the rest of the team.

How to apply

If the job sounds exciting then we’re eager to hear from you! We want to hear why you want this job, not just any job.

Attach relevant work samples and anything else that will make you stand out. Inside your cover letter (max 1,000 words) include your thoughts on the following questions:

  • If you had to give a member of your family a healthy meal plan, what would you consider to make it as easy as possible for them to follow?
  • We’ll need 25-30 new recipes per month. How would you approach the challenge?
  • How will you make your recipe ideal for kitchen novices?

Send your application to: jobs@nibbleapps.com.

We may not be able to reply to all applicants but we’ll reach out if we think you’re a good fit to discuss the next stage.


We’re accepting applications for this position until February 29, 2020.